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About Power Your Point

Power Your Point is a unique consultancy firm specialising in presentation design and content generation for technical and commercial presentations. With over 12 years of experience in engineering, market development and corporate marketing, our team can not only create smart slides with elegant infographics, but to write powerful storylines built on strong value propositions that we also help to define.

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Transforming Ideas Into

Powerful Presentations

The ultimate goal of a presentation is to transmit an idea. And to do it effectively the idea needs to reach, inspire and motivate the audience.

Power Your Point has designed "The 5W Method" to create  powerful presentations that bring our customer´s ideas to life, making them truly shine.

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Power Your Point

Technical profesionals

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- Power Your Point combines all professionals required in presentation creation in just one team-



Presentations are an essential part of marketing and basic for executives and sales managers to share their corporate vision and the value of a product or service. The proof is that every second 350 presentations are given around the world.



Presentations excel when they intelligently mix marketing strategy, branding, storytelling, infographics, visual design and a good technical understanding of the content.

This means that all professionals responsible for these areas should ideally be involved in the process of creating presentations. Yet this is proven to be very difficult for our busy corporate agendas. The result are beautiful presentations with inaccurate content, a good storyline but weak value propositions, or -most common scenario- 100% accurate content yet too plain and dense slides.




Power Your Point does all the hard work of gathering (and understanding) information from all these different departments and use it to create outstanding presentations.


With over 12 years of experience in engineering, market development, content generation, public speaking and marketing, we are a unique consultancy firm that maps all technical and creative specialists in just one team.



We create presentations looking at the five cornerstones of presentaciones on what we have called "The 5W Method":



The Message

The main objective of a presentation is to deliver a message, an idea, and any idea needs strong well-defined value propositions to support it.


Value propositions are the building blocks of any presentation and to define them a deep solid understanding of the content is necessary. However, some topics, particularly technical, can be hard for a traditional presentation designer to understand.


Power Your Point is a consultancy firm made of both engineers and designers dedicated not only to create “pretty slides” but to:


  • Provide advice on what the core messages are

  • Review and strengthen key value propositions

  • Define an adequate presentation agenda


The 5W Method







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The Format

It would be negligent to approach all presentations the same way.

A product pitch, a webinar, a conference or a training course, they are all different presentation platforms with specific format requirements.


In our team has extensive first-hand international experience presenting at each of these platforms: that is why in Power Your Point we adjust the content and design of your presentation to the venue making sure that the message reaches out, motivates and inspires its audience.



The Presenter

Not everybody tells a story the same way.

This is because we all have our own logic and narrative style.


It is notably easier to articulate and defend in public a message that follows our own logic. And a message that is aligned with who we are makes it easier as well for us to relax and therefore better connect with the audience.


This is why is so important to consider the “who” when designing a presentation: only when the presenter feels 100% comfortable with the flow, style, and rationale of the presentation, the audience will start to believe him/her.



The Content

With all the previous work done we can now unleash our creativity to:


  • Build a strong storyline that truly delivers the message to the audience

  • Design infographics that illustrate key concepts in a simple yet powerful manner

  • Declutter, organize and articulate each slide for a snappy, elegant and smart final look


All while still respecting our customer´s corporate branding guidelines so the final slides look and feel as being made by our customers themselves.



The Lifespan

Presentations are living creatures.

You thoroughly craft them to get them ready to the world but once you send them out, they never return the same… and they are not meant to!


Markets change, products upgrade and companies evolve and this often means a lot of changes to be done in the presentation material in order to keep it up to date. Not to mention the human factor, as different owners of the same presentation might need to reshape it to tell the story in a different way. This means that presentations need to be flexible and also easy to modify by our customers.


Our approach is to design smart yet simple slides, easy to adjust and to add/remove content, with a modular structure that facilitates exchanging slides between presentations.


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