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About Power Your Point

Power Your Point is a unique consultancy firm specialising in presentation design and content generation for technical and commercial presentations. With over 12 years of experience in engineering, market development and corporate marketing, our team can not only create smart slides with elegant infographics, but to write powerful storylines built on strong value propositions that we also help to define.

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Our Services

Tailor-made solutions for every project

What We Do

 Create presentations tailoring solutions specifically designed to meet any budget, timeline and targets

 Teach you all we know so you can become an expert at content generation and presentation design

Consulting Services






Core Messages and Value Proposition Definition

When the presentation is still an idea we will guide you from the very beginning: reviewing your product portfolio, value propositions, and core messages. This is the most comprehensive solution we offer.


Our team will work with you on developing a clear message based on your vision and identifying the content that is needed to populate the slides.


After that we follow the steps of "The 5W Method" drafting the storyline, working on the visuals and adjusting the format depending on the audience to deliver a perfectly crafted, simple yet powerful, presentation.

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Content generation

This solution is for those customers whose message is there but it feels like a bunch of plane of disconnected slides with too much text.


Storytelling is essential in a presentation because it makes a connection between information and emotion, helping the audience to remember your message, relating to it at a much deeper level.


We will work with you writing a solid storyline that truly delivers the message to your specific audience, creating smart infographics to illustrate key concepts alongside.


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General formatting

Recommended if your presentation is  100% content ready.

The message, storyline, texts, diagrams, and graphs are all there but the presentation looks “flat”.


We will work on each slide to smart it up and give the presentation the “wow” factor is missing. If it is not there, we can also create slide master that is fully aligned with the corporate branding.


This solution is also useful for sets of presentations that over time have been modified too many times losing its corporate identity.

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Our courses are very popular among our clients because of their dynamism and practical content. Also because we tailor them to each customer's  needs.



(2 to 3 Days)

From Message to Lifespan, in this workshop we cover in detail each tool of "The 5W Method" training you in the art of designing outstanding presentations so you can do it yourself.


(1 Day)

Power Point has a lot more to offer than  you think, let us make you an expert so you can make your own presentations shine.

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